> James.origin
Corfu, Greece
> James.education
University of Stirling, Scotland
> James.degree
BSc Honours Software Engineering
> James.interests
["coffee" , "photography", "travelling" , "cinema"]
> James.currentProject
CNN-based Embedded Vision System on an FPGA architecture
    machine learning: "Convolutional Neural Networks"
    hardware: "Field Programmable Gate Array"
    technologies: ["C++" , "VivadoHLS" , "Caffe2"]
    goal: "Real-time box bound object recognition"

About me

In today’s internet age, growth in all industries would be impossible without one thing; code. Everything from ordering groceries, to conducting brain surgery or ensuring that planes don't collide midair; would all be virtually impossible without the software developed daily by people like myself. Not only is coding the foundation upon which modern life is built, but it is also the building blocks to the future; and this is why I love software engineering.

As a child, I was intrigued by futuristic science fiction movies. As I progressed through high school and was exposed to the world of technology I came to realize that - whilst a future filled with intergalactic space travel may be far off! – there is a way to bring the future just a little closer to the present day: software engineering.

My fascination led me from my hometown in Greece to The University of Stirling, where I am studying Software Engineering on a national top-25 course accredited by The Chartered Institute for IT. I will graduate in 2019 and have been predicted a classification of first class honors.

I have extensive experience in a range of programming languages, hardware technologies and artificial intelligence techniques.

Work experience

  • Technology Summer Analyst

    June 2018 - August 2018

    Morgan Stanley, Glasgow

    Joined the FX Core Sales and Trading Applications team, responsible for the core technologies providing trade capture and risk management for the foreign exchange business. Was involved in developing monitoring features for a major back-end application, written in Java, and was tasked to improve the current system by providing a more extensible alternative.

  • Lab Demonstrator

    University of Stirling, Stirling

    January 2018 - now

    Provided assistance and academic guidance to postgraduate and undergraduate students during their lab practical sessions. Was responsible for the following modules:
    Postgraduate modules: ITNPBD2
    Undergraduate modules: CSCU9B2, CSCU9TF, CSCU9T4

  • Research Intern

    Compangie Financiere Tradition, London

    October 2017 - October 2017

    Undertook research in the technological advancements benefiting the financial industry, through testing and working on, a revolutionary online trading marketplace, Elixium, sub-division of one of the world's largest interdealer brokers in over-the-counter financial and commodity related products

  • IT Support Engineer

    University of Stirling, Stirling

    September 2017 - September 2017

    Provided IT support and tech advice to undergraduate and postgraduate students, to assist them on setting up and transitioning to the University’s new Learning Management System known as Canvas.